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“I Believe You” 

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By The Rev. Thomas S. Taylor No part of our society is immune from the sober realization that our leaders are being exposed as a source of the abuse of power over those under their care, control and influence. Virtually every level of our shared public lives has been stunned by the almost daily revelations of various forms of abuse and mistrust of public figures from politics, entertainment, education, healthcare, sports and religion. We corporately and individually share pain, disappointment, and a sense of betrayal of trust upon hearing of yet another case of abuse. These stories are not...

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The Importance of Forgiveness in Relationships

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For millennia, the practice of forgiveness has been central to the religious and spiritual life of the Christian community. The words of Jesus in the Pater Noster or Lord’s Prayer remind us that we are forgiven our trespasses even as we forgive those who trespass against us. While all people of faith would certainly embrace this teaching in theory, we must also acknowledge that in practice it is sometimes easier said than done. Why? What we are learning from neuroscience and from actual brain scans is that the brain, yours and mine, has a built-in negativity bias that reminds us of previous...

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Daily Prayer Reduces Stress and Anxiety

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In recent months I have been focusing on the extraordinary findings emerging from the field of neuroscience which are revealing that far from being fixed and unchanging, the human brain has a remarkable capacity for neuroplasticity, for continued change and growth throughout our lives. Moreover, the revolutionary discovery also reveals that the “gift” of neuroplasticity is available to us not only in our youth but across the entire lifespan, even in later adulthood.  Neuroscientists have only scratched the surface in terms of what is known about the human brain, which leads me as a pastoral...

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Over-Committed in the New Year?

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A new year beckons. With it come plans for personal change, growth and service, whether we formulate them into “New Year’s resolutions” or not.  We want to get to the gym and get in shape. We want to spend more time with the kids or grandkids. We want to take that course or finish our degree. We want to be more committed, more involved in the ministry of our church.  But with all our plans and hopes, will we find ourselves over-committed and stressed out?  If we take our Christian faith and life seriously, we can be torn over what appears to be an awkward choice:  serving God faithfully to...

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An All-Or-Nothing Marriage? *

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Do we expect more from marriage today than our parents or grandparents did? Our culture is rapidly changing, and marriage is changing with it.  In our times marriage is no longer a precondition for becoming a grownup, getting it on, ensuring economic security, or having kids. In this 21st century, spouses seem to want more from their partners and more from marriage.  They seek partners who will bring out their best, most authentic selves, who can spot potential in their mate, and find (Michelangelo-like) the beautiful sculpture within the block of stone. We still want the basic benefits of...

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Empty Nest Reflections

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LIFE TRANSITIONS: ‘EMPTY NEST’ REFLECTIONS By Elizabeth Geiling, MSEd, LCC Psychotherapist  My heart is heavy tonight and sleep is not likely to happen. I used to sit in this room in the wee hours of the night to comfort and feed crying babies.  It seems like yesterday.In a few short hours, we pack up the car and bring our fourth and last child to college. You see, she is our family’s true baby. She is gentle and sweet and oh, so pretty. She has a nice way about her and I will miss her energy in the house. As the youngest, she went along for the ride more times than I care to admit....

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