Remain Hopeful

by Angela Daubon
June 13, 2020

Rev. Daubon counsels adults and teens at our Mineola site

In the past few months we have gone through a wide range of emotions. We have been faced with the unknown, we are currently in a time of unrest, but there is a cry for unity in our midst. 

The unknown was this unprecedented virus, COVID-19, that none of us were prepared for, nor could have ever imagined. For some, this stirred up feelings of fear, anxiety and depression. We’ve had to grieve many types of losses and in some case have been unable to grieve properly. 

Just when we thought we were coming to grips with this devastating phenomenon, we have been hit with the tragic incident of George Floyd. As a result, we have been thrust into this time of unrest. This unfortunate event has compounded the already escalated emotions. 

We may all differ on how we process and express this time, but we can’t deny that we are experiencing this together, whether we like it or not. So since we are in this together, let us get through this together in harmony. Let’s travel this journey in unison. 

While we have a come a long way, we still have so much more to accomplish. Let us go the distance together. As we embrace the inescapable season of change, let us never forget that individually we can accomplish a lot, but together we can get the job done. We all have choices, let us choose to be the change we desire. 

In order to defeat this virus and the violence that has taken us by storm, we must be honest, don’t lose hope and believe in healing

Being honest means that we take a candid look at what we can do to flatten the curve of this virus and prevent another spike. Practice social distancing, wear your mask, wash your hands and follow the CDC guidelines. 

Be honest with yourself regarding your biases, which we all have, and truly seek to change those embedded thoughts that do not promote unity and equality. Then we must be bold enough to speak up when we see or hear others who do and say things that contradict harmony and promote injustice. Change from within, then let it flow beyond you to the world. 

Don’t let your hopes be dashed. We may be going through some challenging times, but we are not defeated. Defeat will only come when we give up and throw in the towel. As long as we continue to believe, have faith and maintain a posture of expectation for better days to come, we will get there together. Don’t let discouragement uproot the seeds of hope in your life and community. You have to believe it to see it, even if everything around you makes it feel like it is impossible. As Nelson Mandela said “It always seems impossible until it is done.” Don’t lose your hope. 

Finally, it is evident that we need healing in our land, on so many levels, physically, emotionally, racially and more. Do your part to bring the healing. Reject negative thoughts in your own mind and don’t allow others to plant negative seeds in your life. Engage in a healthy lifestyle, by not entertaining things and people that keep you bound and hold you back. The seeds that are planted in your life today, is the root of the fruit that grows in your future. Seek to uproot all that contradicts us moving forward as a community and generation, not just for us, but for the generations to come. 

We can make it through this time together. Let us come together and take all the necessary steps to move forward in sync. Let us reject everything that seeks to divide us and conquer us. We are wiser and stronger than all that comes against us. 

Stay encouraged. #RemainHopeful 

Mrs. Angela Daubon, LCSW