Aging Gracefully

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“DON’T YOU PAST TENSE ME!”—-AGING GRACEFULLYBy David Elseroad Lydia, a vivacious seventy-five year old, was already a decade into retirement after a career as a teacher when she sought out counseling. She missed her work and felt rather useless; she was also still grieving her husband’s sudden death two years earlier. Ellen, on the other hand, was adjusting to having her spouse around all the time; retirement, she quipped, is twice as much husband on half as much money! Harry came worried about having enough money with Social Security and a meager pension to outlast his “sunset years.”...

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Successful Aging

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by Elizabeth GeilingAugust 18, 2018 We have all heard that “60 is the new 50!”  What this popular adage is communicating is that most of us are going to have a longer life expectancy than previous generations. Developmental psychologists refer to this as the “rectangularization” of the population.  Simply put, more people are going to live into late adulthood with the variability of the age of death being tighter. The face of our society will be an equal distribution of young and old.  As most people will acknowledge, a long life is a mixed blessing. On the positive side, successful aging...

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