Coping with Anxiety in Face of Coronavirus 

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  By Rev. Thomas Taylor, LCSW-R, Ph.D., LCC Pastoral Counselor  “Why are you so anxious?”, my wife asked Monday morning as I prepared to leave home.  “Anxious? Me anxious? I’m about to get on the subway for the 1st time since the report of a New Yorker with coronavirus”. And anxious I was, as I began to think through walking out of our apartment into a – possible – new reality of life with COVID-19, AKA, coronavirus.  We all have, no doubt, had similar anxious concerns about how best to protect ourselves and our loved ones. As a worshipping community whose life centers around gathering...

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The Art of Mindfulness

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by Forrest ParkinsonOctober 16, 2019 A Better WayCultivating a prayerful mind is a worthy priority for Christians and anyone seeking a deeper peacefulness and more harmonious adjustment to the challenges of daily life. Take a moment to reflect on the habitual workings of your mind and consider the anxieties, worries and distractions that pull you away from experiencing the fullness of your life in the moment, right now.Most people can identify about ten to twenty pressing thoughts that they process over and over with slight variations. This sort of repetitive thinking usually produces no...

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Big Hug For You

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A Big Hug Just For You DO YOU HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF?  By Rev. Dr. Ronald LehenbauerFebruary 18, 2019 We all know that good relationships are a very important part of life.  Close friendships and relationships, including our marriage relationship, make for much of the joy we experience in our lives.  A relationship that becomes conflicted, strained and disconnected can be the source of much unhappiness and misery.  Perhaps you’ve heard the well-known quotation of Nelson Mandela: “Holding onto resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill your enemy.” How good is...

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