Couples’ Counseling

We provide Four Types of Couples’ Counseling

Pre-marriage counseling:
 Using Prepare Enrich inventory to assess your strengths and weaknesses as a couple, our therapist will meet with you for four sessions once results of completed inventories have been scored and received. For more information on Prepare Enrich:*the_assessment*assessmentpage.html .

Couples relationship counseling: for those in a serious relationship who would like to work on issues with a therapist or who would like to improve their relationship in some way.

Marriage counseling:  sessions to work on specific issues or total improvement of your relationship. Different modalities available, depending on therapist, are Imago Therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.

Discernment counseling: 4 to 5 sessions to determine whether you would like to commit to marriage therapy or seek divorce. This therapy is recommended especially for couples who are divided in their allegiance to the marriage.