General Services

Comfortable, private rooms


If your life seems out of control and nothing you do seems to help, you may want to call us (516-741-0994 or 1-800-317-1173). Our professional, caring licensed counselors provide counseling for individuals, couples, children and families.

• Individual, couple, children and family counseling

• Support groups

• Parenting classes

• Special programs

• Depression/stress screenings

• Seminars for churches and schools

• In-service trainings for school staff

• Ongoing counselor-in-residence at schools

• Counselor-in-residence on one-time basis for conventions

• Counseling consult for pastors and lay church workers

• Conflict intervention for churches and schools

• On-site grief counselors when unexpected death or tragedy occurs

• Disaster debriefings

• Materials and resources on health and healing issues