What Our Clients are Saying

When it comes to what people are saying about us, we have no secrets.

 Recent Quotes from Clients


“I am especially grateful to LCC and my therapist. I was going through a really tough time in my life and I truly believe I was led to you for help. I will never forget your love and generosity. I am a better person in faith and life with your help.”

“We were able to explore our issues in a safe, supportive environment with a counselor who understood the psychological, physical and spiritual needs of human relationships.”

“LCC empowered and equipped me to regain control of my mental and emotional health. Thank you!”

“Sometimes an outside person has to lend us hope and Bettina, our LCC therapist,  did that. Thank you!”

“I was extremely happy with all aspects of the service provided and felt that my therapist was professional and compassionate and an excellent counselor.”

“The counseling service was refreshing and helped me spiritually to understand the meaning of being a good Christian and trust in the Lord. My counselor was very knowledgeable and professional.”

“It was a wonderful, safe environment to work through problems. My therapist was fantastic and the staff kind and understanding.”

“LCC’s work is so valuable. The faith based counseling I received has been so encouraging to me.”

“Thank you all for your help, both spiritually/emotionally as well as financially.”

“After having raised two children as a single parent, I found myself at mid-life without career prospects. I thank the Lutheran Counseling Center in the form of Dr. Thomas Taylor for being my safe harbor during one of the most financially and emotionally challenging times in my life.”

“The main reason I am writing is to thank you for what the Lutheran Counseling Center has provided me at the time my wife and I lost our twins. The support, coaching, and love we received definitely gave us the tools we needed to cope and to continue to heal to this day.”

“You have been my anchor in the midst of constant fear and chaos. Without your help, I would have never had the courage and strength to begin a new life.”

“I was desperate but decided to make one more phone call before I gave up on finding someone to help me. That phone call was to Lutheran Counseling Center. It literally saved my life. Thank you for responding so quickly and with such compassion”.

“My school really benefited from the bullying program conducted by Dr. Adams. The information on signs of bullying, possible reasons and how to effectively address the issue were very valuable for my teachers and students.”

An endorsement and a “thank you” from one of our therapists:

Rev. Alan Steinke

I am especially grateful to the Silent Samaritan fund for making therapy available to adolescents in crisis. Many adolescent clients come from single parent homes, or divorced parents, or blended families with financial difficulties. Adolescents struggle with many of the same problems as adults, especially depression and anxiety, but also contend with more age-specific situations such as peer acceptance, bullying, drug and alcohol experimentation, self-mutilation, and eating disorders. I know my adolescent clients would want to say ‘thank you’ to all the Silent Sams who have enabled them to receive the help they need.” ~Rev. Alan Steinke, LCSW-R, LCC Therapist